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LLOYD C.V in Polish Service

Dostępność: na wyczerpaniu
Wysyłka w: 10 dni
Cena: 640,70 zł 640.70
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First batch shipping time from 6 to 10 weeks. Limited number of models.

German version FF.33L plane - 4 painting schemes.

Polish version - 1 painting scheme (different vertical stabilizer and other windscreen)

Kit-set description:

After building, the plane has a span of 415 mm and a length of 280 mm. It gives the impression of a large model also due to its height (about 120 mm). Weight about 500 g. The model is made entirely of resin. Bearing struts (float and wings) reinforced with steel wire, wings reinforced with 1.2 mm brass wire. Solid floats in one piece (not divided).

All struts are marked on the resin blocks for easier assembly. The model was made with the highest possible care. Professionally vacuformed cabin. Clear, colorful instruction.

Resin parts:

- fuselage

- wings (wire reinforced)

- tail wings (vertical and horizontal)

- struts (wire reinforced)

- floats (solid in 1 piece)

- interior elements (main grate, bulkheads, fuel tank, engine base, seat pillows etc.).

- wooden trolleys

- main wooden support.

The model includes parts from a direct 3D print (packed separately):

- handles the rifle,

- rifle + 4 magazines (3 gunner shelf)

- fixing the middle section of the wings

- steering wheel,

- pilot and shooter seats,

- complete Benz Bz III engine + exhaust pipe (packed separately) - it's almost an engineering marvel.

- wheels for a trolley x 4

- propeller + hubcap

- rear strut supports

- engine water pipes

Photo-etched parts:

- Aileron pushers

- rifle sight

- control panel + (decal)

- pilot and shooter belts

- remote control pedals

- buckles on the float

- sewing the canvas from the bottom of the plane

- propeller cover

The preparation of this model was a big challenge for our small company, and persistence resulted in a quite successful product. The model is dedicated to all fans of 1-war aviation.

And finally... we announce a series of several models from the First World War. These planes have a soul...






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