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Hawker Nimrod Mk.1 1:48 scale

Dostępność: na wyczerpaniu
Wysyłka w: 10 dni
Cena: 468,00 zł 468.00
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Note: Shipment of the model up to 20 days.
The set includes:
- Resin parts: fuselage, top, central and lower wings, horizontal and vertical tail wings.
All rest are 3D printed parts. Wings are reinforced by steel rod.
-3D printed parts (described below). Prints are secured in an additional box.
- Decals (screen printed) two of british painting schemes,
- Mask for Japanese export version, and british side belts.
- Color manual (16 pages)
- Photo-etched parts (over 50 elements)
- Copper rod (100 mm x 0,8 mm) as hook and stand element.
- Laser cutted cabine (mounted in PE frame) x 2
- Decals to cut as an instrument panel x 2
3D parts:
There are several innovations:
- grate-interior in one piece (it will save a lot of time searching for geometry and cleaning)
- main cooler also in 1 piece
- the exhaust pipe collector was originally supposed to be made of photo-etched sheets but in the end I made it 3D - it turned out very well.
- control panel integrated with the compass
Minimum number of supports to guarantee a printout, so you can cut all parts efficiently and without any problems.
Overall, there are almost 50 parts of direct components from 3D printing.
All the printed parts are described in detail in the model manual.


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