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De Havilland DH.90 Dragonfly 1:32

Dostępność: brak towaru
Cena: 597,00 zł 597.00
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De Havilland DH.90 Dragonfly 1:32 scale

From today we accept orders - shipping time to 60 days.

Description of the set:

Resin Casting Parts:

fuselage, wings (wire reinforced), nacelles, fins, larger interior elements.

3D prints:

Engine x 2, wheels x 2, rear wheel, propellers x 2, exhaust pipes, all the small interior parts and the smaller exterior parts.

Additionally, over 40 photo-etched parts (including rigging).

Professionally pressed cabin in the form of a negative x 2 + masks for painting.

Laser cut side windows.

The model has 6 colors available (Spanish version for painting - masks included).

Painting schemes:

- Civil G-AEDU (decals)

- Civil ZK-AYR (decals)

- RAF G-AECW (decals)

- Denmark Air Force (decals)

- Swedish Air Force (decals)

- Spanish Republic Air Force (masks)

We decided to make this model because of its very nice line.

We recommend it for the 1:32 scale collection of our DH.89 Dragon Rapide.

Even less experienced modelers should be able to assemble the model.

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