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Curtiss Jenny JN-4 1:32 Premium

Dostępność: duża ilość
Wysyłka w: 10 dni
Cena: 855,70 zł 855.70
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Ocena: 4
Producent: Lukgraph
Kod produktu: 32-53 PREMIUM


Westland Wapiti 1:32 & 1:48 scale resin kit


After 6 years from the start of the project, it was successfully completed. At the beginning, the model was designed by hand, but finally it was designed in 3D technology. We present to modelers our largest, most time-consuming project in two scales: 32 and 48.

Model dimensions:

Wingspan: 440 mm for 32 scale and 294 mm for 48 scale

Length: 302 mm for 32 scale and 200 mm for 48 scale

Westland Wapiti kitset:

Resin Casting Parts:

Fuselage, wings (wire reinforced), horizontal and vertical fins, ailerons. All struts reinforced by wire, fueal tanks, floor, wheels (2 types), separate slots, wire-reinforced rear support.

3D prints - almost 120 parts!

Bombs, bomb launchers, the entire interior, grate (150 mm), a huge number of external parts, all weapons, propeller and much more.

Bristol Jupiter VI engine, with separate parts (26 elements)

3D printed parts packed in an additional box to ensure maximum protection.

- Additionally, over 100 photo-etched parts

- Windscreen – clear resin

- Decals

- Colored instructions

Painting schemes:

J.9719, 60 Squadron, Kohat, India, 1932

J.9408, 30 Squadron, Mosul, Iraq, 1932

The 1:48 scale model has exactly the same details as the larger 1:32 scale model. It looks great - the small 3D parts make an amazing impression.

We know that many were waiting for this model - we really gave our best that can be achieved with the technology of cast and printed resin. We invite you to read the description of the set and to orders.

LukGraph Team

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