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Albatros D.III Oeffag 1:24

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Royal Aircraft Factory BE2c 1:32 LukGraph resin kit

From today we accept pre-orders - shipping time to 90 days.


Premium set includes additional 3 x A4 decal sheets (transparent), 1 x woodgrain and 2 x CDL, and masks (1 mm rib strips) all made by LukGraph (decals and masks also available in online store as separately product).

RAF BE2c kitset:

Resin Casting Parts:

fuselage, wings (wire reinforced), horizontal and vertical fins, larger interior elements.

All struts and axes reinforced by wire, wheels x 2.

3D prints:

RAF-1 Engine, exhaust pipes and water pipes, propeller, small interior and exterior parts, guns, magazines, fuel tanks, 2 x wicker armchairs, and all interior parts.

Additionally, over 100 photo-etched parts

Painting schemes:

- BE2c „1709”– RAF 1915

- BE2c „2693” – RAF 1916

- BE2c „8407” – East Lothian 1916

- BE2c „ 2612” – „St Catherines Ontario” 1916

- BE2c  „9955” –RAF Cranwell 1916

- BE2c  „7324” –  Hounslow 1916  – night fighter

- BE2c  „2097” –Maricourt 1916

- BE2c  „4131” – Risalpur, India 1917

We try to improve our workshop with each release. We try to do everything we can to ensure that this short series of resin models is at the highest level.

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